Instagram is testing a new ‘Gifts’ tool to monetize influencers

Today in this article, we want to talk about a new feature that will come to Instagram: The Gifts tool that will act as a tool to monetize influencers.

Meta (formerly Facebook) has officially confirmed that it is testing a new ” Gifts ” tool for Instagram.

whereby users can show appreciation for their accounts through gifts and even donations.

Gifts a new feature that changes the mood of influencers

Sometimes, in addition to liking some posts, some users tend to support their desired pages and even pay for them.

Instagram has paid attention to this need of some users and is testing a new tool internally.

To provide the possibility of giving gifts in a financial format.

Gifts on Instagram

Previously, Instagram published the news about Instagram’s efforts to develop a gifting tool.

And now Meta has confirmed the internal testing of this tool, which shows that the company is officially working on such a feature.

Instagram is equipping with the Gifts feature

According to a Meta spokesperson, the company is testing the feature internally.

Although this feature appears to be in development, the prototype is currently testing.

Mobile developer Alessandro Palozzi first reported the feature in July.

Based on the information shared by this knowledgeable source, a button under the menu called “Content Appreciation” will be added on Instagram.

Gifts feature will come to Instagram

so that users can appreciate the respective account through it.

About a month later, the same knowledgeable source announced that Instagram had developed this feature, and the company had changed its name to Gifts.

Currently, there is not much information about this feature. But looking at other platforms with gift options, this feature is expected to provide conditions for donations and gifts.

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