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Instagram stories under 60 seconds are no longer broken up

Today in this article, we want to talk about the new changes in Instagram stories that can be fascinating for users.

Instagram has confirmed that this social network offers users a feature to publish longer stories continuously.

Instagram stories changes 

To put it simply, with this feature, stories that are less than 60 seconds will not be divided into several parts.

The new change was tested last year with a select group of users and is now available to all Instagram users.

According to TechCrunch, A Meta spokesperson wrote in an email to them:

“We’re always working on ways to improve the Stories experience. Now you can continuously create and publish stories of up to 60 seconds without having to cut them into 15-second clips.”

Instagram stories changes


Possible feedback on the new Instagram stories

The new change will be judging by users and visitors.

On the other hand, users can post consecutive stories that are not divided into multiple clips. Viewers will no longer have to tap the screen several times to view all stories continuously.

Of course, this change can discourage users who enjoy the simplicity and brevity of stories.

Instagram stories feature

New changes in Instagram in recent months

Additionally, the new feature somewhat blurs the line between Stories and Reels videos.

As users now have two options for submitting a 60-second video.

Instagram has recently announced that it will increase its focus on videos. As such, social network has increased the time limits for videos.

A few months ago, the company introduced support for longer Reels videos (up to 90 seconds) and a Repost feature for its users, which increased from the previous 60-second limit.

Although we will hear more about Instagram in a few days and that would be fun.

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