LinkedIn launched an album post option

Today in this article, we want to talk about a new feature that has come to LinkedInThis time, LinkedIn will surprise its users with a unique feature.

If you are a big fan of the LinkedIn social network and use this platform for business communication and raising your level of information, don’t miss reading this article.

LinkedIn album post has been added to this platform. This feature is similar to the slide posts option on Instagram.

LinkedIn carousels

To upload slide and pdf files in your posts, you had to upload your desired file through the add a document option.

But recently, LinkedIn has decided to offer the PDF attachment option as a separate feature.

Now some users have this option and can use the LinkedIn album post option.

This option allows you to publish a combination of several still images or video clips in one post.

If you wanted to upload multiple images in one post, you had to upload it as a PDF to display as a slideshow.

Naturally, the more information you can share in one post, the more you can create a more profound and broader connection with your audience.

As you can see in the image below, you can add your desired text and even rearrange the upload order of your files before posting in the program.

LinkedIn carousels

How do LinkedIn album posts work?

1- Tap the carousel option and select the file you want to share.

2- Note that the size of the files must be below 100 MB.

3- All types of PPT, PPTX, DOC, DOCX, PDF files, and image or video files are allowed.

4- In addition, your PDF file must be under 300 pages.

In 2019, LinkedIn added the ability to attach PDF files to posts.

Using this feature, you can upload your images as pdf and slides, and users can drag them to the left and see the rest of your slides.

LinkedIn changes

According to Socialinsider‘s report on LinkedIn, posts made up of uploaded PDF files get 3 times more clicks than any other type of content.

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