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What is Community OS ?

Community OS is a set of tools, tech, and apps that allow people to create, manage and grow their unique communities. These communities can also generate income for the creator and their community.

Group shopping module

Customers are offered two group shopping bot tools; Instagram and telegram, a series of businesses and stores are then formed on the Shopify platform; these businesses can then activate group shopping services for themselves using our group shopping module.

It means that in addition to shopping for yourself, you are allowed to do group shopping with 5 of your friends. This will allow you and your friends to obtain discounts on your purchases.

Social user classifier module

Firstly, this tool begins by examining the rate at which followers engage or contribute to the desired page; it will then display this information as a list.

This list consists of people who, for example: made the most comments, were among the most emotional comments, or users who had previously been among your loyal

Competitor user classifier module

This tool performs the same tasks and actions as the Social user classifier on your competitors.

You introduce yourself and your competitors to this tool in your first job. Then, this tool will tell you which competitor the audience follows most, comments the most, likes the most, etc.

It can even provide you with a list of dissatisfied followers of that competitor so that you can attract them.

It presents all these items to you in the form of a list.

One of the essential parts of the OS community is the existence of advanced and intelligent bots, each of which can provide unique and valuable help in promoting businesses.

By targeting the needs of the business and the audience, these bots help to promote and advance that goal and make our customers satisfied with the quality and service of our systems.

Another advantage of the OS community is having a solid and extensive relationship with the Metatalent project, which can be a unique advantage for the customer’s business.

Here, Metatalent acts as a bridge between our businesses and clients and Metatalent trainees, making these two form a good relationship. It ultimately leads to the growth of both sides.

Community OS has many advantages, each of which can be interesting and special.

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